Attention Men: Don’t Avoid the Dentist!

Compared to women, men are less likely to visit a dentist, oftentimes, only seeing a dentist when a problem arises. Here are some dental health tips for men:

1) Change your toothbrush/brush head every 3-4 months

2) Do a visual check in your mouth to looks for signs of any abnormal growth, skin irritation, and swelling. Men that smoke cigars, cigarettes, use snuff or chew tobacco are at a higher risk for oral cancer

3) If you play contact sports or clench your teeth during workouts, wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth from unnecessary trauma

4) If your gums bleed when brushing, contact you dental office for an evaluation in the event it’s due to gum disease

5) Certain prescription medications can cause dry mouth; review these medications with your dentist so that he/she can customize a hygiene plan to meet your needs.

6) Be mindful of your diet; avoid sipping soda or energy drinks throughout the day

7) Don’t forget to Floss! Flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth.

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