Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

One of the main goals of orthodontic treatment is a beautiful smile. While orthodontics certainly enhances and plays a key role in achieving a perfect smile, there are many other benefits to having braces.

Some of these benefits are:

  • Reduced cavities and periodontal disease – Teeth that are malaligned create areas where the food traps. This trapped food creates more plaque and bacteria, which can eventually lead to having cavities and periodontal (gum) disease.
  • Reduced risk of injury – Having straight teeth reduces the risk of injury to the mouth especially during contact sports. Patients that have protruded upper teeth “buck teeth” are more likely to have trauma to their teeth or mouth. Additionally having teeth that are misaligned can wear teeth unevenly and cause enamel to chip at the edges of the teeth.
  • TMJ(Jaw Joint) Problems – Misaligned teeth can lead to jaw problems also known as TMD. Teeth, jaw joint and muscles of the face work together to create a healthy harmonious system. Having misaligned teeth can create stress in other areas of the system which can lead to TMJ problems.
  • Improved ability to chew food – Having teeth that are properly aligned and biting properly certainly enhances a patient’s ability to chew food. Patients with an improper bite have difficulty chewing their food and have a tendency to swallow larger bites leading to poor digestion.  
  • Easier to brush, clean and floss teeth – It goes without saying that having straight teeth makes it easier to brush, floss and clean teeth. Having straight teeth makes it easier for patients to clean their teeth with ease and maintain them in good health. Straighter teeth have less “hidden areas” where food and bacteria can build up.

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